Whoaaa it’s my first post!

Being slightly socially awkward, I began to write something along the lines of “Hey there, internet people,” but had to stop myself. I may as well come out and say it – yes, I am a bit socially awkward (or shy, I guess) and my creativity has its limits. However, I promised myself that I would start a blog this year, so here I am.

So, yeah… Hi!

I recently read, okay, lightly scanned, over a blog post that explains how to start a blog and the one point I took away from it was that I should take some time to introduce myself in my first post. So, here goes nothin’.

  1. Firstly, my name is Caitlin. Yes, it is one of those names that has several different spellings. No, I don’t care if anyone misspells it. I’ve seen it spelled a dozen different ways, and I find it petty to care about such things. Usually, I just congratulate people when they do spell it correctly.
  2. Aside from starting a blog, one of my goals is to keep up with it. I hope to update at least once a month, but we’ll see. It’ll probably be sporadic, knowing me.
  3. Another goal I have is to write a book. ‘What kind of book?’ you ask? Great question! I’d like to write a work of fiction, hopefully one that can be classified as a novel. It’d probably be aimed at young adults, so it’d share bookstore shelves with Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Fault in Our Stars. Apart from those details, I have little to no clue what it’d be about, but probably not wizards, vampires, or cancer kids.
  4. Now, I’m going to list my hobbies. Don’t worry, I don’t have many of these (yet). My hobbies include: reading (duh); writing (double duh); and watching tv/films/youtube videos. Videogames are cool, too, but I work a full-time job these days, so I don’t have much time to dedicate to them, which is unfortunate.
  5. Interests: If you haven’t already gathered this from my list of hobbies, then you should know that I’m quite a ‘geeky’ or ‘nerdy’ person. I grew up on Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter, and Marvel (no, not the comics, but the films and the stories that my dad would tell me – from the comics). I’m not the best at videogames, but I grew up playing Pokemon on the GameBoy Color. It was an excellent game to bring along on long road trips. I also have other interests, including yoga and meditation, but those are more recent interests I have acquired, so I don’t have much to say about them at the moment.
  6. I have two pets: my lab mix, Captain Morgan, and my cat, Gabby. Morgan’s first owner was in a fraternity, so I think that perfectly explains why she’s named after a brand of rum. She’s perhaps the best dog ever, despite that she sometimes digs in the trash a little bit and sometimes pisses on the carpet. Gabby, on the other hand, is extremely annoying because she won’t ever shut the hell up. If she weren’t so sweet, I probably would’ve killed her when I was still a teenager, or tried to pawn her off to somebody else.

Okay, I wouldn’t have killed her – that was just a bad joke. I’m probably not a particularly funny person. I mean, I have a sense of humor and I have been known to make people laugh – I do have a soul – but I’m no comedian… just a person. Just a slightly awkward person.

And no, I don’t know what this blog will be about. I don’t think I’ll have a certain ‘niche’. Later in life, I may start a blog about a certain topic but, for now, I think this will just be a personal blog where I ramble, rant, and just talk out of my ass sometimes.

…you’re welcome.


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